2017 staff

Audun Grüner-Hegge

Audun started dancing at the age of five, but didn't excel into the professional national scene until his twenties. Before this he was part of the Norsk Folkemuseum's dance group, performing at local venues and competing internationally. In 2012 he first participated in the Norwegian national championship with his partner in crime, Anbjørg, qualifying for the A-class that they later won in their first attempt in 2015. He has also participated in several national talent programs and has, in recent years, worked especially with teaching the Finnskogspols to a variety of dance students in Norway and abroad.

Anbjørg Myhra Bergwitz

Anbjørg is a renowned folk dancer from Tønsberg, Norway. Born into a family of dancers, she has been dancing all her life. Anbjørg has participated in several national talent projects as a dancer, and has organised festivals and championships throughout Norway, all the while developing her sense of a personal touch to the traditional dance style. She is first and foremost a master of diverse Norwegian styles, being one of few A-class dancers in both the classical fiddle and Hardanger fiddle categories.

Tuva Færden

Tuva plays the traditional music of Telemark on the Hardanger fiddle in her own unique way. She also plays the "flat" fiddle and the Norwegian lyre, and sings. She finished her studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2014. Tuva has performed at many venues and festivals in Norway, both solo and with her bands, Raabygg and VRANG. Tuva also has a growing interest in Indian classical music. She has been to India two times, studying Indian classical violin with the great guru Sharat Chandra Srivastava. She is planning a new trip back to India this autumn.

Beret and Jens

Beret Bertilsdotter

Beret was born and raised on a farm in Northern Jämtland. At the age of 15, she began dancing at the classes of Göran and Inger Karlholm. She met Ernst Grip for the first time in 1985. By 1995, she finished documentation of the 15 dances he passed on. Beret teaches at the Föllinge July dance week as well as throughout Sweden, Europe, Japan and the U.S. Beret has documented the Föllinge dances for publication and produced a video tape of Ernst and Magda's farm life and his Föllinge dance background. She earned her Big Silver in polska in 2008. Beret works as a teacher and has been arranging and teaching the Föllingeveckån course since 1992.

Beret and Jens

Jens Holström

Jens started dancing in 2003 during his studies at the University of Östersund. He earned the Big Silver medal in Swedish polska dancing in 2008. He was vice chancellor of the Swedish Folklore Association (Folkdansringen) from 2010 to 2014. He has taught the Föllinge dances in France and the U.S. and has been teaching the Föllingeveckån course with Beret since 2009. He works as a procurement officer at the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Mats and Ulf

Mats and Ulf Andersson

Mats and Ulf are both Riksspelmän and each earned their Zorn metals in 1978. Growing up in Föllinge, they started playing the violin for Lennart Olsson, also a Riksspelman, at the age of 10. Their skilled interplay gives energy and forward drive to the dances, and has contributed to the popularity of the traditional music and dances from Föllinge. They both work as teachers and have been organizing the Föllingeveckån course since 1978.


Petrus Dillner

Petrus grew up in the small village of Marma in Northern Uppland. He started playing nyckelharpa at the age of 8 and became a Riksspelman at 17. After several years of playing with his teacher, Leif Alpsjö, and studies at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, he has developed a deep knowledge of the older traditional music, especially the folk music from Uppland, but is constantly experimenting with the instrument's possibilities and is pushing the tradition's boundaries in an original way. He has taught at the nyckelharpa course in Laxön for many years. He is currently active with the groups Trio Törn and Hans-Ers, Rutanen & Dillner (earlier known as Triplex), who recorded a CD in 2016.

Roo and Larry

Roo Lester and Larry Harding

Roo and Larry are a knowledgeable and fun team who facilitate and welcome all to Scandinavian turning dances. Roo has studied and participated in dance and music events in Scandinavia since 1983. She received the Big Silver medal in Swedish polska dancing and continues testing additional dances. Larry is an accomplished athlete and dancer and has taught with Roo for many years. Their clear, positive teaching style blends background information, styling and technique to present the basics to dancers of all levels in a fun and lighthearted manner.


Bruce Sagan

Bruce has played for dances, workshops, and concerts in the United States, Europe, and Australia. He has taught at a variety of folk music and dance camps and workshops, and has served as music director for Scandinavian Week (and its later incarnation, Nordic Fiddles and Feet). Bruce plays fiddle, hardingfele, nyckelharpa, and tussefløyte (recorder). He has visited Scandinavia numerous times to work with fiddlers and collect material. In 1994 Bruce was awarded the Zorn Diploma in Bronze. Bruce has three CDs, Spelstundarna, With Friends, and Northlands, which have been praised by folk music magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. We are pleased to welcome Bruce to Nordic Fiddles and Feet at Ogontz. We are certain to have a rollicking good time with Bruce leading the Gammaldans Band.


Loretta Kelley

Loretta is a well-known performer on the Hardanger fiddle. In Norway, she is regarded with tremendous respect for her talent, skill, and devotion to their national instrument. She places well in fiddle contests, and accompanies top Norwegian dancers in competitions. She is much sought-after and respected at Scandinavian music and dance events across the US and is president of the Hardanger Fiddle Association of America. In addition to many public performances, she has released four recordings: Dansekveld, AmerikaSpel, and Hambo in the Barn (1996) and Hambo in the Snow (2006) with Andrea Hoag and Charlie Pilzer. She has made over 25 study trips to Norway in the last 20 years.

Andrea Larson

Andrea is delighted to be back at NFF this summer. She will teach beginning fiddle and fiddle technique, work developed since her sabbatical at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Sweden in 2012–13. With a focus this year on the body mechanics of playing Swedish fiddle, she looks forward to making music with students of all ages and levels.